What Type of Men Make You Uncomfortable?

What Type of Men Make You Uncomfortable?


Only asking men… What type of men scare you? If it was a woman, would it make you less uncomfortable?

This question “What type of men make you uncomfortable?” was discussed so that we all can learn from one another and also contribute in the comment section


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  1. My friend was working as a gas station clerk when she had an exchange with an older guy who was buying a cup of coffee, or cappuccino, or tea. (All hot drinks are self served in the same style of cup, but at different prices depending on what is in them). So she asked the older guy if it was coffee, cappuccino, or tea. He got all offended “Real men don’t drink cappuccino or tea.” She looked him dead in the eyes “Real men drink whatever the fuck they want.”

    So anyway, guys who take their own opinions too seriously like that make me uncomfortable.

  2. Anyone that tries to dominate everything or call themselves “Alpha”.

    These guys are always a problem. Hostile for no reason, usually the laziest people on the team, and almost always actively getting in the way of project completion. And God forbid you confront them on it! Temper tantrums, HR complaints, threats of violence (mostly empty). Like bro, I’m here to get paid, and dealing with your insecurities and ego ain’t in the job description.

  3. People that make their sexuality their whole personality. Straight guys going around my job like “oh yeah, totally scored with Sandra from HR. Another one for the big dog”. Or literally airhumping a coworker as soon as they turn away. Also gay guys that try grab your ass, and when you call them out on being creeps, they explain it away by saying “I’m gay”. I don’t care if your gay, your being an asshole. If I did that to a girl I work with, id be fired on the spot

  4. Men who think they are hot shit. The typical I’m an alpha male asshole who’s usually actually a little bitch. Also men who enjoy violence and go out of their way to start fights in a bar or anywhere in public. Hurting people doesn’t prove you’re tough just shows you’re an unhinged loser

    Edit: I’m talking about men who just attack random people enjoying a proper fight where both people want to fight in a sport is perfectly fine. Going off on random people who don’t want to fight is horrible

  5. Idk what kind of guy this is, but every single time I look at the mirror there is just this…creepy, weird looking dude making eye contact with me, he kinda makes me umconfortable and I promptly leave. However doesnt matter where I am, he seems like he follows me everywhere, only showing himself at mirrors

    Im scared

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