What should NOT be purchased unless you are willing to spend the money on a quality version?

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In a conversation with my wife, I mentioned that bacon is in this unique class of items that are better left NOT purchased if we aren’t going to spend the money on quality bacon. What else is in that category?

This question “What should NOT be purchased unless you are willing to spend the money on a quality version?” was discussed so that we all can learn from one another and also contribute in the comment section


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  1. A record player stylus. A cheap one is likely to be ruby or sapphire tipped. These wear out very quickly and are likely to result in damage to your vinyl collection. If you’re going to the trouble of playing vinyl in the first place, invest in a diamond tipped needle to protect your records.

  2. A pH meter.

    A good reliable pH meter is a great tool to have if you are into aquariums or growing plants with hydroponics. A cheap meter is unreliable and can lead to negative consequences.

    I’d rather just use chemical pH tests than a shitty pH meter, but I love my quality pH meter.

    Edit: I use a Blue Labs combo meter with pH and EC probes.
    Edit: I’m trying to reply to as many comments as I can, the amount of times I’ve mentioned my meter and that I’ve had a great experience with it I’m starting to feel like a shill for Blue Labs lol

  3. A gun. If you’re going to get a firearm spend the money on a quality piece, and spend the money to learn how to use it properly. The ONLY reason to get a cheap gun is to have an unserious range toy, and even then some of the cheapest are hand grenade practice.

  4. I would say everything that would eventually end up in landfill sooner should you end up buying an inferior version. If you can’t afford to buy a quality version of it, consider buying a high quality second hand version than a poor brand new version.

    Agree with the posters that said bikes. I bought a really good road bike in 1984 for USD1000 which was considered above average at the time but not top of the line. I’m still riding that bike today with a few modifications and changes. The bike is so old that when some parts are worn out there’s no replacement.

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