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Want to Start A Freelance Business? 7 Basic Things You Need

Want to Start A Freelance Business? 7 Basic Things You Need

Are you an aspiring writer? Here are some basic tips to start your freelance career with the right foot forward.

Do you dream of making a living by writing? Your passion is not the only thing you need to start a career as a freelance writer.

Starting a business right from the start can be a daunting task, especially when you know that writing is more than just a hobby. Of course, there are several ways to get started, but we recommend these tips for new starters.

Permanent work and determination are needed, but the game is finally worth it at the end

Have an ergonomic work-place

Ergonomic workspaces are important for a functional workstation. After all, most typing process is on the computer screen. Doing business can be exciting, but when managing your personal space, you need to think about how you set up a desk.

Think about the type of office chair you want to buy. Do you want a nice leather chair with footstools, a nice play chair or a more traditional study chair?

Think; with your designated chair, about the design of your table and whether you want it to match your height. It is best to go to a store where you will find the parts that are best for your body.

Also, you want all your desktops to accommodate laptops, documents, and what you feel, you need. The computer screen must also be inclined in a way that is consistent with your position.

Invest in good gadgets

Did you like to visit a cafĂ© while writing? Hardware like Surface Pro 7 12.3″ is a great alternative for someone who travels often. Thanks to the built-in stand, it is extremely light, extremely fast, and can be switched from a laptop to a creative studio in a few seconds.

The writer does not always need the most expensive technology, but it should be ideal for multitasking. The files should be easily accessible and there should be an audio editing program. Software like Grammarly is important because it cuts your projects in half. Write and edit at the same time.

Create a website

Now that you have chosen the perfect piece of technology, you need a place to sell. Websites are a great tool for letting people know who you are, what you do.

Feel free to go to sites like Wix or Weebly if you are not very familiar with basic encoding, but choose what you think is most available. If you are concerned about the overall design process, then don’t be afraid to find a website designer.

Create a landing page, feature page, contact page, and portfolio page. The portfolio page is important for displaying your best work, so plan how you want the page to be formatted. If you have reviews from previous customers, you can also create a recommendation page.

You should also buy a domain name and a professional email because it will strengthen the credibility of your site and you as an expert.

Not only do you want to sell your services, but you also want to express why you are the most professional in your chosen field. For example, are you a copywriter who writes unique e-commerce content, or are you a specialist in the cosmetics industry? Clarify your intentions and you are on the right track to attract the clients you want.

Use freelance sites

This step may seem difficult at first glance, but it is important to build a list of loyal customers. Upwork is a great place for beginning writers because there are hundreds of jobs every day.

Create an impressive profile by saying what you do differently in terms of your services, detailing your background in your experience, and highlighting what makes you a professional in the field of your choice. You also want to sell yourself as a brand, not just your expertise. What can you offer?

Make sure you update your work feed every day and submit it as often as possible.

Use social media networks

In business, networking is the key to success. Social media gives you the opportunity to reach out and make strong contacts. Take photos of high quality and update your current one.

Post to your Twitter on a regular basis, bring new clients to LinkedIn, and increase your Instagram engagement. Join relevant Facebook groups and use similar social spaces to your advantage. People need to know what you are doing.

To take your online identity to the next level, you need to change something. For example, share relevant articles in your field, discuss your success stories, promote yourself with introductory offers, or even create memes to keep you public.

Set a goal to do this every day, or create a weekly plan. Then your hard work will be worth filing on social networks.

Use a reliable billing system

It may be tempting to use programs like Stripe, which simplifies the billing process, but we think it’s more convenient to create your own system. Use a platform like Canva to find a suitable template and create professional invoices.

Add your name and business information, logo, payee information, and payment information, and save the template for future use. As long as you can track your payments, this method of billing will allow customers to pay directly to you, for the benefit of both parties. And you can save on all the small fees associated with credit card transactions.

Continue to invest in learning

When you start, you should always hurry to learn new things in your field, even if you feel that you already know them. You can only start your career as a writer, but that doesn’t mean your journey ends.

Use Udemy, LinkedIn, and other platforms that offer affordable rates. Learn every day because it will increase your chances of finding new clients in specialized areas and give you confidence for your future writing.

In general, if you can follow these steps, plan and create your online presence. Then you go looking for clients and you rank higher as a freelance writer.




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