Spain set to become the first European country to introduce a 3-day ‘menstrual leave’ for women



Spain set to become the first European country to introduce a 3-day ‘menstrual leave’ for women


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  1. Since no one seems to have any idea what they’re talking about, sick days in Spain are unlimited and paid for by the government. Anyone who has periods bad enough that they can’t work can get them off sick currently (and they already do, as I’ve seen many times with my coworkers). I guess the law just makes it easier since until now you had to physically go to the doctor to get the doctor’s note, which no one in terrible pain wants.

    Edit – People are pointing out that the three first days aren’t paid. Let’s not mistake the very minimum the law mandates with what actually happens; specific work conditions are regulated by convenio colectivo and they are always above that minimum. I would like to know exactly what sectors the people talking about three unpaid days work on, because I have worked a variety of shitty jobs in my life and never had a single day unpaid for being sick. When I had employees it was my business partner in charge of payroll so maybe we as a company did not get paid those three days, but he still sent the medical “baja” to the Seguridad Social for refund and never mentioned anything when our employees got sick. They got the usual one day upset stomach to 3-5 days flu, never anything that took longer.

    Still, it doesn’t change anything. In Spain some women are already taking sick days for horrible periods, just like some men are taking sick days for their own reasons. This law doesn’t mean that suddenly every woman in Spain is going to take a monthly extra vacation week.

  2. I don’t know how I feel about this, does it reduce their pay, does it make a woman less valuable to them verses an identical man.

    Like on one hand I think it’s fantastic a woman can take a few days off when she’s got her period, I know I’d hate to work with cramps & stuff. But I do worry that it might make business less likely to hire women, and/or women less valuable.

  3. I’m a guy I don’t get periods but I know my mom and my sister particularly my sister gets it so bad she has to stay home from school when that time of the month comes around.

    And I guess from how I understand it every woman’s period is different from another so I hope this helps those who have severe pain and such

  4. This is gonna make employers hire fewer women just like the maternity leave thing. They should make it non specific to the issue, like three personal days or mental health days.

    I saw somewhere that sick days are unlimited in Spain so I wonder why this exists

  5. All of this sounds great, but when you have 2 employees apply, both with exactly the same qualifications, one is male and one female, why would you hire the female over the male ever knowing you lose them a few days a month extra due to this?

  6. Seems like the majority of the people commenting they are against it didn’t bother to actually read the article. This is not for every female, this is for a small group that truly has terrible symptoms during periods. As a woman with endometriosis, I have used all my PTO and UPT to take care of my symptoms because the pain was so bad I couldn’t even move. Also, Spain is not the first country to implement this, it mentions other countries where this is already in place and I don’t see people crying about coworkers working less. To the ones talking trans why would a trans need this? MTF don’t have a female reproductive system to get periods and FTM take medications that mostly eliminates period so again why would they need this time off?

  7. A genuine question, isn’t this a net negative for the female population? For there to be days where you are given leave due to a bodily function, on some level there is an acknowledgement that women are physically unable to do their job due to menstruation. Understanding this, if you go up the ladder to the more important/responsible positions, why would employers hire a person who won’t be able to do their job for almost a week at a time every month? For a job that is vital and required 24/7 attention, wouldn’t this be a hindrance?

  8. Seems good in theory. Women have the option to use it, but don’t *have* to if their periods aren’t bad. It’s a pro-labor market right now, so this is the right time to push for these sorts of programs.

    My wife gets terrible cramps prior to her cycle. I would like for her to at least have the option to take a day or two off so she can take some pamprin and curl up in a ball.

  9. Looks good and progressive on paper.

    But it’ll have a detrimental effect on women’s career prospects and pay. Employers are just gonna be hesitant to hire women and I doubt this menstrual leave will include full pay which would lead to a bigger wage gap.

    Lots of unintended consequences will come of this.

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