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Money or Love: What Should You Work For?

Money or Love: What Should You Work For?

“Great Resignation” – a term that refers to the scores of people closing their work at the beginning of the pandemic; with the question “What exactly am I working for?”

Can you do your job till the next 40 years?

In the last two years of hell for most people – fear, fear, and destruction of solitude become the order of the day. I started to challenge my role in the world and what is my heritage. Yes, I got enough money to support my family and still support them. But do I love what I write? Not at the moment. I prefer writing personal essays, but fees have to be paid.

Working on something that doesn’t pay well for necessity is sometimes good, but I ask, “Am I willing to cross that line, alone, every day to work another 40 years?”

Develop an interest in Your occupation

My banne history begins with a teenager, doing telesales for a local vitamin company, followed by programming for 17 years and at the end, writing. Now comes the next step of evolution: allocating within one day to write what matters to me personally. I’m not sure about anything else. All I know is I have to do it. Working hard for money can only get me this far; I also have to make time to work for the love of it, otherwise, I will lose my mind.

In Conclusion

Perhaps most of the millennials who contributed to the Great Resignation feel the same way. Why do we have to work? and for what?

When I was a child, money was the only concern, but now that an hour of my life is slowly losing sand on the surface, priorities are changing; Happiness has more power for me than money, at least for now. Another tip: If I continue to invest in regret at the end of all events (which I made many), I never go out of the spiral. Life happens, and the best we can do is to move on.

Should we work for money or love? It depends on what happened in our lives. We are determinants of our destinations and must decide because it happening already. Stand up to the present – honestly and completely – and the future will take care of itself.



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