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Millennial Career Money: How To Get What You Want In Your Next Job

How To Get What You Want In Your Next Job

Millennials have long been inundated with economic events, from the Great Recession to the overwhelming debt of student loans. But thanks to the Great Resignation, which began in 2021, this generation experienced the first explosion of power and labor market opportunities.

Millennials are in the middle of their careers and have more bargaining power than they did in the beginning, said Carlota Zimmerman, who runs her own career coaching company.

Before you start polishing your resume, here are tips from career coaches on how to be strategic in your job search, prepare for negotiations and ask what you want.


You may be ready for a change, but that doesn’t mean you should start applying right away.

Before you start looking, find out what you want, says Zimmerman. List the pros and cons of your current job. What brings you satisfaction? What is missing? This exercise can help you get a better idea of ​​how you want to look at your next job.

Let’s say you realize that you want more flexibility in your new role than a better work-life balance. Explain what it is, says Dana Theus, executive coach of InPower Coaching in Alexandria, Virginia. Flexibility can mean working in non-traditional hours, working remotely, going to the office a few days a week, or something.

After you create your goals, explore what’s required in the job market, says Theus. Write down the job description components that correspond to your goals and gradually create your ideal job profile. You may not be able to find the perfect job, but it will give you the confidence to express what you are looking for, with people in your professional network


Before starting negotiations, find out what conditions you want to discuss and what, according to Zimmerman, is completely off the table. “You have to have the courage to believe that something important to you is as well important to the company. If not, you need to find another company.”

Zimmerman suggests that you identify your non-negotiables by asking questions such as:

Am I willing to take a lower salary if it means I have many days to work from home?

Can I take a few days off if I can create a flexible weekly schedule?

Write your answers on files that you can use in interviews, he said. And silence your inner critic before negotiating.

Karen Chopra, a career counselor at ChopraCareers in Washington, DC, says women are more likely to negotiate work and pay. “Don’t go for what you think you can get”. “Go for what you want.”

Do research on compensation by talking to people in your network and on websites like Glassdoor, Jobberman. Chopra advises women to build a wide and diverse network for a better idea of ​​salary. “You shouldn’t ask everyone what he’s making, but what’s within the position you’re looking for”.


Whether you’re going through the interview almost in person or virtual, here are some tips to keep in mind:

ACCORDING TO YOUR TERMS: Don’t wait for the last interview to say what you need, says Zimmerman. You can get to the topic immediately. When asked if you have any questions or concerns, say again why you are excited about the job role, he said, then say that it is also important for you to work remotely, for example.

EXPLAIN HOW THE COMPANY CAN BENEFIT FROM YOUR REQUEST: For example, if you request flexible working hours, Theus advises you to say for sure that you know that flexibility can be more productive. Then you can indicate to the potential employer an advantage, such as: “If I have this flexibility, I can be more sure that I will be available in case of an emergency”.

DO NOT OVER-DO: Whether you want days to work from home or flexible working hours, you don’t feel the need to share your life story, says Zimmerman. “You want to have time with your children, your partner, for health care, these are legal human rights.”

If you say that your request allows you to do your job and explain how it has benefited the company, it is enough.



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