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How To Make Money With Google Maps ($100-$200 PER DAY)

In today’s guide, I want to show you how to make $100 to $200 per day online with Google maps

Now the cool thing about this is nobody is talking about it it’s a complete blue ocean strategy and there is a massive opportunity to go through and tackle this year I’m not going to sell you on any $997 courses to courses the information

Go through and get started; all I ask in return is for you to just share this post!

So basically, what we’re doing here is we’re just going to find local business owners and we’re just going to help them get found on Google. Don’t worry I’m going to show you everything step by step on how to find these businesses and how to get found

The best part is I’ll show you how to do it yourself or you can literally just pay a few dollars and they will do everything for you; so, all you have to do is find the clients and then outsource the work to somebody else okay?

So first we want to find a client that we can go through and work with so we can start making money

For this example, we’re just gonna use “plumber near Lekki” all right!

So, this could work with electricians, this could work with like HVAC or any type of business in any city out there but just for the sake of example do “plumbers near Lekki, Lagos” and so now, we have all of these little dots that these are plumbing businesses around Lekki, Lagos.

So now, we’re just gonna go through and we’re gonna click let’s say Pipesnco plumbing right here, and we see he’s got his address and 13 reviews so definitely could go through and get some more reviews which is what we’re going to be doing for these businesses

We’re going to help them get more reviews but then also there are a lot of businesses that haven’t claimed their business on Google and if you haven’t claimed your business, Google is a lot less likely to show your business in the search rankings, so ideally we want to find a business with hardly any reviews, one that needs to claim their business and you can see right here there are no photos on this website and they don’t even have a website  

Pipesnco plumbing actually could be an amazing business to go through and work with as well

So, if we just come over here; let’s click on a few of these so we got midland plumbing you can see right here “claim this business” they have one five-star review, they don’t have any hours, they don’t have a website and they don’t have any photos right so this would be a great business to go through and work with!

It looks like there are several businesses that we can go in contact with to help them boost their rankings

Now when I say to boost their rankings, let me just kind of break it down; what I mean: so, if we come over here to Google and we type in plumber near Lekki, Lagos or plumber like we typed into Google maps;

When somebody’s typing this in, they only show three results and most people looking for a plumber are going to be typing it into Google and so what we want to do is we want to help these businesses get listed in one of these top three results and the way that we do that is to help them get more of what is called citations  

So, citations are about getting businesses listed on google maps like I was just showing you

If they don’t have their business claimed, they need to go through and do that and then also list on other sites like yelp or Angie’s list or different sites that list local businesses and the more citations they have the more likely they’re going to get ranked in these top three results

In addition to obviously having more five-star reviews, having accurate information on their Google my business listing also helps

So now what we want to do is we want to reach out to these businesses, so if we come back over here to all-in-one plumbing now there are a few ways we can go through and do this:

We can just pick up the phone and call all-in-one plumbing right here and say “hey, look I’ve noticed you haven’t claimed your business on Google My Business and you don’t have a lot of reviews, we help you optimize your Google My Business profile so you get the highest rank on Google so that more customers organically find you” or click on their website to reach out

We’ve already found several businesses that we can go through and do this with; where we can call them up or if you don’t want to call them which I think is the best way or even you know if you’re in the local area you can walk into the business but if we pop open the website, we go through it for email contact etc.

Look at this, they don’t even have a website so this is somebody that we could easily go through and contact to have an additional service to go through and create a website for them that would be easily $500 to $1,000 one-time thing and then if we wanted to go through and charge for hosting we can go and charge a monthly service

Let’s go find one, theoretically, that does have a website, there’s usually going to be a contact us form or email that you can go through and reach out

Just send the same pitch I was telling you to say over the phone “hey, we found your business on Google, there are not any reviews, and you don’t have a website; we’d love to help you go through and get found on Google so that people can find your business through Google which is the number one search engine in the world and so you can get more businesses coming in

These are very easy simple services we can go through and sell now. You can go through and figure out how to do the citations, how to claim the business, how to add the hours and website and all that stuff yourself.

There are several free videos on YouTube that you can go through and watch and just do step by step. It doesn’t take a lot of time to do or you can come to a site like Fiverr which is basically a little platform where you go and pay somebody to go through and do simple tasks for you  

So, what we’re going to type in here is something like “Google maps claim”, “my business citation” or something like that and now what happens is popped up all these different sellers like this one below:

So, there are a few ways you can go about doing this: you can either go through and work for free to go through and get their business claimed right up front and then have other services that you can offer on a monthly ongoing basis or outsource to a seller on Fiverr

Anyway, guys, I hope this guide was helpful so far in making $100 to $200 per day online with Google maps

I showed you exactly how to find local businesses in literally any city in any industry and then I showed you exactly what you need to do to fulfil for these clients whether you’re going to go through and do it on your own and maybe watch a few YouTube tutorials on “how to claim a business with Google maps” or just go over to Fiverr, pay someone five bucks to charge the business $100 to $200  



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