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How to Make Money as an Artist; Online & Offline

How to Make Money as an Artist; Online & Offline

There were times when making money as a professional artist was almost impossible. Times are changing and thanks to the growing demand, the art business is no longer just a small paid hobby. Artists from around the world take advantage of digital and offline opportunities to increase their revenue through creative business ideas.

How much money can you make as an artist?

On average, artists earn about $50,000 a year. The number will, of course, vary according to artistic talent. Famous artists who successfully build their presence on social networks earn a lot of money every month.

How to make money as an artist online

Social media channels open up many opportunities for future artists and provide them with a platform to reach their audiences and make money with the high average artist. Especially during the pandemic, the need for artistic skills and art prints over the roof grew. Read about these channels and learn how to use the platforms. And keep in mind that there are shops for many different art classes. So learning to sell on Redbubble can be helpful if your talent consists of multiple skills. Let’s look at different online earning options.

1. Sell art online through social media channels

For most online stores, selling art online can be a little daunting. Artists from different parts of the world use social media as an online brand. Instagram in particular is a leading destination for buying and selling art. No wonder millions of artists have set up their Instagram accounts to connect with potential clients. To be a successful social media artist, you need to build a base of followers, which takes time and effort.

2. Start an art blog

Artists who are successful in harnessing the potential of digital media understand the importance of displaying their art. One way to do this is through a blog. With an art blog, you can generate passive income and present your work. By thinking creatively and combining the potential of blogging with email marketing and newsletters, you can build a strong follower base that can further increase your revenue.

3. Create a YouTube art channel

Most people follow other artists to learn from them. Here, YouTube has been extremely successful in bridging the gap between artists and followers. Simple instructions and tips can be helpful when trying to grow your base. If you already have a lot of subscribers, you can increase your revenue on YouTube.

4. Organizing online workshops

Online courses have gained momentum over the last two years. And as more and more people sign up to attend the workshops, many artists are benefiting from this new impetus. Hosting online workshops is fast, and with many platforms that require a little setup, it’s easier for artists to find ways to run an online course.

5. Freelance graphic design

Artists who specialize in digital art are in high demand today. From small businesses to large businesses, everyone is looking for skilled graphic designers who can help with branding and digital projects. As a freelance graphic designer, you can make decent money in no time.

6. Print on demand

As the world slowly begins to open up, companies are once again looking for promotional elements to get the word out. On-demand printing services are gaining momentum again. Creating print-on-demand websites or working with these service providers can help increase your revenue.

7. License for your artwork

Many artists use stock exchanges as a way to earn passive income. Stock websites pay a decent amount of money for pictures and clips. Your ability to make a lot of money on this website depends on the popularity of your artwork. In other words, the more people buy your art, the more you can make.

8. Create an e-book

An easy way to create an online audience for your art is to share knowledge that will be valuable. E-books are useful for art marketing because they help the public to understand art more deeply. You can use e-books to promote your artwork and bring your audience to your art courses.

Ways to make money offline

Of course, there are also many offline ways to make money. Art fairs, private events, and competitions are some of the traditional ways to make money. Let’s look at some of these opportunities.

9. Sell art at art fairs

Traditional art fairs are the best places to connect with art lovers and traders. Art fairs are especially advantageous for artists who are trying to sell paintings. Because of their popularity, you have to prepare for competition from fellow artists who are trying to sell traditional art.

10. Sell art drawings

Art drawings are popular with homeowners looking to enhance their decor. When you take care of this growing need, you may find an opportunity to make more money.

11. Sell in art galleries

Another option is to combine art galleries and sell your art. Art galleries are especially useful if you are a new artist and looking for future buyers. By selling your works of art in galleries, you can gain access to future clients, which you can try to reach yourself.

12. Become an illustrator

Many companies work with freelance illustrators on an ongoing basis. As a freelance illustrator, you will work on many art projects. This can include spatial branding, websites, and stationery.

Start making money as an artist today

With the right amount of training, you don’t have to spend a lot of time before you start making money as an artist. How? Let’s show you what you need to get started.

Invest in the right equipment: To attract your target audience through your YouTube channel or online courses, you need to make sure you have the right video creation equipment. Lighting, a microphone, and a good camera are some of the devices that can help you shoot high-end videos.

Posts often and often: You can’t create followers with rare content. You need to make videos regularly and often so that they keep coming back.

Create a portfolio: As an artist, you don’t fully trust just one way to make money. You need to keep your options open and start thinking about building your credibility. To do this, focus on creating a strong portfolio that will help you get your tasks paid well.



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