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“Crashes are the best time to get rich” – that’s why Robert Kiyosaki thinks the decline in Bitcoin is good news and how you can take advantage of it.

Bitcoin is on a wild path.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency rose to $68,990 last November. Today, it’s nearly $29,000 – a shocking 58% return from the top.

If the downward trend continues, writer Robert Kiyosaki, rich dad, poor dad, says he is ready to buy.

“BITCOIN CRASHING. Great news, “he wrote on Twitter last week. “I expect the bitcoin to collapse to 20,000. Just wait for the test below, which will be $17,000. Crashes are the best time to get rich.”

Kiyosaki added that bitcoin “is the future of money” and that its end result could be as little as $11,000.

In today’s market environment, it is not easy to be a controversial investor. But if you share Kiyosaki’s vision, here are three easy ways to harness the rebound potential of bitcoin.

Buy bitcoins directly

The first option is the most direct: If you want to buy bitcoin, just buy bitcoin.

Today, many platforms allow individual investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Just keep in mind that some exchanges charge a maximum of 4% commission for each transaction. So look for platforms that charge low or even no commission.

While bitcoin today offers a five-digit price tag, there is no need to buy an entire coin. Most exchanges allow you to start with as much money as you want to spend.

Bitcoin ETFs

Funds traded on the stock exchange have become very popular in recent years. They trade on stock exchanges, so it is very advantageous to buy and sell them. And now investors can use it to get part of the bitcoin supply.

For example, the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO) began trading on the NYSE Arca in October 2021, the first U.S. ETFs associated with bitcoins in the market. The fund holds bitcoin futures that are sold on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and has a cost ratio of 0.95%.

There is also the Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BTF), which debuted a few days after BITO. This ETF-listed ETF invests in bitcoin futures contracts and costs 0.95%.

Bitcoin stocks

When companies combine part of their growth in the crypto market, their shares will always move in tandem with currencies.

First, we have Bitcoin Miners. Computing power is not cheap, and energy costs can be huge. But as the price of bitcoin rises, miners such as Riot Blockchain (RIOT) and Hut 8 Mining (HUT) are likely to gain increasing investor attention.

Then there are intermediaries like Coinbase Global (COIN) and PayPal (PYPL). The more people buy, sell and use cryptocurrencies, these platforms will benefit.

Finally, there are companies that maintain only numerous cryptocurrencies on their balance sheets.

Example: MicroStrategy Enterprise Software (MSTR) technologist. It has a market capitalization of $2.3 billion. Although the number of Bitcoins reached 129,218 at the end of March, the reserves were worth about $3.8 billion.



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