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A Way To Make Money Selling Your Stuff Online — From 3 Women Who In Reality Did

A Way To Make Money Selling Your Stuff Online — From 3 Women Who In Reality Did

From clothing to books to antiques, these ladies are turning used items into cash. Finding the proper gadgets (nothing too old or damaged) and the proper buyers has made dreams come true — some women have ended their jobs.

Study their secrets and techniques so you can successfully promote your stuff online and make cash, too!

“I earn $210,000 a year selling items on eBay!”

“Years ago, I used to be a recruiter, but I was running lengthy hours and became confused. I determined to give up my process, and whilst looking for a brand new one, I commenced cleaning out all of the stuff taking on space in my residence (like jewelry, purses, and housewares) and made money promoting it on eBay.

Whilst buddies observed what I was doing, they asked me to promote their stuff too, and they paid me a commission. I got so busy that I never had to look for a brand new process!

“Getting started out on the website online is easy. Once I list new objects, I first look to see if the equal items are promoting and how much they sell for. I also look at the customer who made the most money and notice how they indexed it. I then write an outline, upload photos, and decide the shipping rate.

eBay takes 12% of the overall of what the consumer will pay for an object, inclusive of transport.

“I sell my own and others’ garb, purses, jewelry, electronics, video games, books, tablets, cameras, and tools. I am getting a variety of word-of-mouth referrals, and I additionally discover new clients on LinkedIn, Nextdoor, and social media.

An agency once requested me to promote their industrial meat wrapper because they had to buy a brand new one — it offered for $12,000. I also provide one-on-one coaching and a digital course for folks that need to learn how to promote on eBay.

“I make $210,000 a year, which will pay the bills, goes lower back into the enterprise and allows me to head on excursion to places like Maui!”

“I make as much as $2,000 a month selling antique objects on Etsy!”

“While I used to be a kid, my dad and mom had a vintage shop and I used to spend weekends with them looking for new objects and running in the store. Final yr, I had amassed a ton of gadgets from my mom and my husband’s own family. I additionally had a whole lot of my own stuff like Playbills and autographs that were taking up space, so I determined to open up Nan’s Haven Antiques and Collectibles on Etsy and promote them there.

It started out as a hobby, however while the pandemic commenced, I knew it might be a tremendous way to make money at the side.

I designed a brand, wrote an outline for the shop, and blanketed statistics about my heritage. Whilst I have new gadgets to sell, I study them on eBay, study the descriptions to see which keywords are used and get an concept for pricing.

I also use WorthPoint, a subscription service that suggests you what different things have bought for. When writing up my object, similarly to the same old descriptors, I supply recommendations on how they can be used. As an instance, I latterly sold an oblong planter after posting snap shots of it packed with such things as make-up, workplace components, etc.

“I’ve sold a signed Christmas card from Liberace and Barbie dolls — I have 500 of them in my basement! I continually send a handwritten thank-you card to all of my customers.

“Every month varies, however, I’m able to make as much as $2,000 a month (Etsy makes a cut of my income). The money I make is going toward savings and to pay for a vacation with my husband to celebrate our anniversary!”

“I convey in up to $800 a month selling books on Amazon!”

“I used to work 9-5 in a higher school, and I was an online vendor for years. A colleague asked me to take away books so he ought to repurpose a space. When I researched the books, I used to be amazed at how a whole lot they were selling for, so I decided to start promoting them on Amazon. Six years down, I left my 9-5 and online selling became my full-time gig.

“I sell my very own books and source books from estate sales, and thrift stores. I sell youngsters’s books, textbooks, and scientific and nursing books. I take advantage of the Amazon dealer app to look if the e-book is in the catalog, its income rank, and what it offered for to set my pricing”.

I use each ‘Fulfilled by means of Amazon’, where I ship the books to the warehouse and Amazon ships them to the client, and ‘Amazon Fulfilled through merchant’, which allows me to deliver the books at once to the customer.

I additionally promote the books on eBay and Etsy and use list perfectly, a software program that permits me to quickly and without problems sell my items on 12 other networks. I spend approximately 4 hours every week selling books on-line.

“I really like the flexibility and freedom this commercial enterprise offers me to take care of my aging mother. I make up to $800 a month, which will pay the bills and allow me to vacay with peer pals and own family.”



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