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6 Ways to Make Money Online Using ChatGPT AI Bot (2023)

There’s quite a bit of a buzz around this brand new AI bot called chatGPT and how it’s so good but can you actually use it to make money online?

We’ll show you 6 different ways that you can use this free bot to do exactly that

If you want to make money online and even though I’ve never been against hard work and I think that’s literally the best thing that you can do, it’s sometimes nice when you have a free virtual assistant that can do a lot of different things for you; including help you earn some extra money online.

So, buckle up and let’s talk about different ways that you can use chatGPT to make money online:

CHATGPT is this brand new AI bot that everyone is talking about and how it can do all sorts of different things for you. You can write emails for your boss, it can do your homework, it can do an assignment for you and a lot of different things

You can even ask it different questions, you can ask: how are you, how are you feeling and stuff like you can you can chat with it, it can be your friend but it’s kind of creepy

That’s not what we’re gonna be doing today; today I want to show you how to use it to make money online and the first way that you can use it to make money online is with this website over here called namingForce

NAMINGFORCE is a platform where businesses, brands, new businesses and companies come to find business name ideas.

What they will do is they will run a contest where they will pay like $300 for the best name submitted and all you gotta do is submit different names and if your name gets accepted, if your name idea gets accepted you’ll be paid hundreds of dollars for it and if you go to the conference section, you can also see the people that have already completed the contest.

If you go to as I said, you can just scroll a little bit down; you can find the winners, so you can go to the winners section over here and you can see all of these people making hundreds of dollars even $500 for a single name that they submit.


What you can do is you can just go to chatGPT and once you want to answer some of those contests, you can just ask like for example: they need a name for a barber shop, so you can just ask chatGPT “can you give me some name suggestions for Barbershop business?” and then what it will do is it will probably list a couple of different names which you can use and you can just choose the best one; deliver it back to namingforce and potentially get paid hundreds of dollars


The second way that you can use it to make money online is by writing different assignments.

So instead of you doing the homework as a student what you can also do is you can just go over to and this is a platform where other students will come when they have some homework to do and they don’t want to do it themselves

They will just pay someone like everyday people like me and you to do the homework for them.

Go to click on become a tutor and you can see that you can earn up to $7,500 per month working from home tutoring other students and helping them answer the homework questions

For example; some of the students had an assignment about the the World War II, what you can do is you can just go back to chatGPT and you can just ask “can you write an assignment about the WorldWar II?” and after a couple of seconds this AI bot will start running a full assignment which you can then deliver to study pool and get paid $30, $40, $50 depending on what the student is paying you for that particular assignment

The AI bot delivers really high quality content which I can then deliver back to study pool and make money off of that.


You can use this to make money online is by creating faceless YouTube automation videos or just creating YouTube videos in general.

So what you can do is you can run a YouTube channel which you can then monetize either with CPmarketing, affiliate marketing, brand deals, by promoting your own products; whatever that might be. There are channels making hundreds of dollars every single day.

If you want to start your own channel, you can just go over to chatGPT and you can ask it to write different YouTube scripts for you.

So for example you can ask “I’m going to ask it to write a YouTube script about 5 facts about cats”; now it’s gonna start writing a YouTube script which you can turn into an actual YouTube video whether that’s going to be a faceless video or whether that’s going to be your own video. You can either write an outline like bullet points for you to record the video yourself or you can write a full script and then you can just pay a voiceover artist to actually do it for you


Write & Get Paid

You can go to different websites where people get paid to write. You can actually get paid $100 for every single article that you submit. A $100 per article which can be like a thousand words but you’ll of course need to come up with something unique and you can just ask chatGPT to write an article; then submit it to clients and potentially get paid a $100 for this article and there are lots of these different websites which you can use to make money online by writing articles.

You don’t have to do it yourself because this AI bot will actually do it for you. There are other websites like; you can also use freelancing platforms like Fiverr, upwork, peopleperhour, and so on and as you will see; the article that chatGPT will be writing is actually an in-depth and high quality which is what I really like about the bot


Another way that you can make money using this chat bot is to go over to Google and start emailing all these different businesses that are listed; for example, you can go to Google and search for “consulting company in Lagos”. You can search for different businesses whether that’s a restaurant or a gym or a dentist office. It doesn’t matter where it is located.

You can sell them different services that are; let’s say related to ranking higher on Google, so you want to have them rank higher on Google you can find their email addresses which in most of the cases at the bottom of their website.

I can just go back to this AI bot and ask it to write an email; a cold email that I can send out to a businesses to sell a particular service; you can just explain which type of service you want to sell and then just submit. It will actually write emails for you; you can then use them to reach out to different businesses and sell different products and services


The last way that we’re going to talk about on how to use this bot if you want to make money online is by selling services on different freelancing platforms including,,, and a lot of different websites; you can even search for five other Alternatives and you can find like 30 different websites you can sell these same services but basically you can go to Fiverr and sell services like sales copy, you can go to writing & Translation and sell all of these different writing related services or transcription jobs, resume writing

All of these different services are the different things that your AI bot can do for you and then you can sell those services for 20 bucks, 30 bucks, 50 bucks each; on these different freelancing platforms and you’re gonna be able to deliver these Services pretty fast because you’re not doing the work yourself

You can get it done in literally two minutes and if you’re wondering why don’t these people just go to chatbot and do it themselves? it’s because not all of these people know that this AI bot even exists

So I really hope you got some value out of this guide. I really hope you’ve learned something new if you did; share and I will see you next time

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