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7 Points To Consider When Relocating Somewhere Less Expensive to Save Money

7 Points To Consider When Relocating Somewhere Less Expensive to Save Money

Dyana King is an unmarried mom of two and the writer of money. Boss. Mama

It’s been over four years seeing that I moved to an inexpensive area to end up debt-free as a single mom of two on a mild income — and the impact it has had on my finances has been life-changing.

I moved to my cutting-edge metropolis due to the fact the decreased price of accommodation become attractive. I’ve been capable of cleaning out all of my debt, building 5 figures in financial savings, and investing for both my and my kids’ futures.

The method of transferring from one area to another for an inexpensive cost of living is called “GeoArbitrage.”

It enables to save money and discover economic independence sooner. You mustn’t relocate permanently. Even a transient pass for a few years may have a massive effect on your financial lifestyle.

This move has required sacrifices, like giving up buzzing activities in the city. I’ve additionally given up nearby eat-out restaurants and activities, which had been what I loved most. Certainly, I’ve been intentional about creating a secure environment for my family.

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All in all, it’s been really worth it for my children and me. Right here’s why I did it, and the way you could do the same.


One aspect that virtually helped me maximize a place with a decreased fee of dwelling happens to be having a plan. Instead of the use of the money I used to be saving in the lease on discretionary costs, I was intentional about rolling it into the areas of my finances that would push my economic adventure forward.

After I moved after the start of my second born, I signed a one-yr rent. The usage of my lease cease date becomes the goal stop date

Having a working price range helped make this part easy because I already knew how much my monthly expenses were costing me in the assessment of my profits.


As you decrease your charges by way of moving to an inexpensive location, make certain your lifestyle prices don’t boom. That is called the way of life inflation and it’s something you don’t need to be a victim of.

Primarily based on my calculations, I may want to pay off the remainder of my mortgage before my lease ended.

A month before my rent become up, I have become loan debt-free. And this gave me the spending freedom to transport to a better condo throughout the metropolis.

Research special places

With regards to regions with lower fees of living, it’s very vital to do your research. This is especially actual when you have children.

Various factors need to be considered, along with:

The price of living — You want to make sure that the distinction in fee is honestly going to be well worth the move.

College zones —You want your region to be zoned for excellent schools.

Care facilities — You need to recognize that if anything happens for your children, they may get the care they need.

Access to good food —make certain there are grocery stores stocked with healthful meals. It become vital for me to ensure that my region becomes not a food desert.

Protection — ensuring my kids are safe has continually been my #1 priority.

Distance from your activity/commercial enterprise — I kept my travel tremendously light. This helped preserve on course with my gasoline expenses.

Nearby activities — I need to make certain my kids have access to after-school activities which are near domestic.

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Even though the place I chose become a city from my former condo and task, the savings still made the pass absolutely worthwhile and only introduced a further 15 mins go back and forth to work.

To be sure, there are downsides to my place. Above savings, safety is the highest precedence of mine, so during my rental hunt, I was intentional about renting in a place surrounded with the aid of near neighbors and closer to the newer trends within the town. This helped me make brilliant friendships with my friends who all help me sense security.

Preserve Your costs

While you move to a less expensive place, try to hold your expenses relatively the same. This allows you to maximize the decreased fee of residing as the gap between your profits and costs widens. You don’t need to be a sufferer of lifestyle creep, that’s whilst you boom your expenses as your income will increase. This is particularly proper when you see extra cash for your budget; don’t overspend

I’d use most of my spendable profits to assist me to pay off debt, and as the balances reduced, my spendable earnings expanded even greater.

Then, after I were given annual increases or promoted to a higher-paying role, my pay increase stretched even further as I used to intentionally preserve all of my expenses to be the same equal.

These days, I now live on 55% of my earnings. Sure, it’s hard to stay stimulated because of the lack of maintenance and crimes in my location, however, I know I might not have been able to do as a lot as I’ve with my profits had I no longer made the selection to lower my housing costs.

So, is it well worth it? In my view, yes, it is.

It’s a wonderful feeling to not be right down to my last few doughs before payday.

I’m in a position to correctly take care of my children financially, now I invest in them often. Being raised via a single mother myself, transferring to an inexpensive region allowed me to break the cycle of monetary insecurity, and that itself is really worth the sacrifice.



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