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4 Ways To Make Money Writing on Medium Platform

4 Ways To Make Money Writing on Medium Platform. How to make money on Medium

For thousands of content producers who are beginning to write, Medium is a secure and hospitable platform for publishing articles. Content publishers now also make money online on this popular platform. Not surprisingly, Medium has seen an increase in the number of users.

What is Medium?

Medium is a blogging platform open to everyone. It is one of the few blogging platforms where you do not have to be a successful writer to set up an account. Anyone can contribute and share observations, stories, and insights.

In addition, there are virtually no limits to the topics examined. From business and technology to music and food, Medium works for all kinds. The medium became popular because it simplified things. The platform has no borders and you can use the Medium publication if you follow its instructions.

How does Medium platform work?

To publish your blog post, you must first register. You can choose to contribute publications with selected stories or publish your own posts yourself. When you sign in with Facebook or Twitter, your connections will automatically start tracking your Medium account. As a content publisher, you also have editing rights.

To make money writing on Medium platform, you need to create your profile and get people to follow you. Medium has a membership program, which means that users pay a reader membership fee, which allows them to read and write as many articles as they want.

When a paying member reads and applauds (claps) your story, part of their membership dollars will go to your bank accounts.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Medium is a great channel if you, as a freelance writer, are looking for more money. But it is not realistic to expect it to be a full-fledged livelihood and source of income. Let’s look at an example.

Let’s say a paying member claps only five stories a month. Each author will then receive $1. If the same member claps more, each writer will not receive more than a few cents.

In the first months they created their Medium profiles, active authors earned about $25 a month. Writers earn more by publishing articles regularly and focusing on creating quality content. In numbers, top managers can earn about $1,000 a month.

Ways to make money on Medium

It is true that there are not many ways to earn on the platform, middle writers can still start writing and increase their income. Leading authors use various methods to increase their revenue on this platform. Let’s take a closer look.

Author bonuses

Last year, Medium began paying $500 to 1,000 writers. These writer bonuses are given to the writers who receive the most reading, claps, and followings.

As a writer, focusing on creating content offerings for your audience can increase your chances of getting a bonus amount.

Referring friends

Another novelty that Medium introduced last year on its platform was affiliate marketing.

Members receive a personalized affiliate link as a referral landing page. When your friends sign up for Medium and buy a subscription, you earn money.

Medium Affiliate Program

Most authors use Medium affiliate programs to make money.

By signing up for the Medium affiliate program, you place your content under a paywall. Every member who is interested in your article pays for it.

Medium stories

Another easy way to increase your income is to import stories into the platform.

High Medium’s traffic is useful for grabbing your content. This is something your own blog cannot provide. You can increase your reach by putting on past stories.

Medium tips for making money

When it comes to Medium stories, you need to have a strategy in place to reach more Medium members. This way, you can maximize your profit potential.

Here are some tips that can be used.

  1. Writing long articles

Immerse yourself in the depths that other members appreciate, is a great way to see the uniqueness of your content. Long articles come in handy here.

Another benefit of writing long articles is that you can add additional keywords to help you improve your content rankings.

  1. Create quality content
    Whatever topic you choose, you need to focus on quality to be recognized. Remember that Medium is an even more popular platform and each topic contains contributions from many experienced authors. Without a focus on quality, you can’t expect you to compete with them.

When creating a Medium article, read it correctly and make sure it is legible.
Does it have short paragraphs?
Do sentences have good punctuation?
Is the general tone the same?
By asking these questions, your articles for Medium will be readable and interesting.

It is also important to be consistent. So consider publishing at least one story a week.

  1. Present your work

Like any other social media platform, Medium is about working together and associating like-minded members. So you need to focus on connecting Medium readers.

Follow and communicate with other authors who have created content on similar topics. This way you can highlight your content.

  1. Pay attention to the post headlines

If you are wondering how you can make money on Medium, one of the first things to keep in mind is the importance of headlines.

Unless you have a compelling title, you can’t expect to attract people to your article.

  1. Build credibility before you go to Paywall

While your goal is to make a lot of money with your articles, you can’t get right behind a paywall. It’s not until you find out your credibility. So consider, as a new writer, you will publish some good articles that will entice your readers to come back for more stories before activating the paywall

  1. Create a strong profile

Medium users read not only articles but also stories behind each content. A well-organized profile will tell your audience about you and what sets you apart from other new authors.

You can link to your own websites or blogs and share why you enjoy writing. By adding useful information, you can create Medium publishing in your writing portfolio. So make sure you spend enough time creating the profile



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