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3 Ways I Make Saving Money Fun

3 approaches I Make Saving cash amusing

Sense like saving money is all about sacrifice? Try those hints to make it fun.

Saving money is vitally vital to building a secure future — however, it is able to be a drag whilst you discover your self saying no to purchases that you need to make now simply to perform goals that appear a protracted way off.

The coolest news is, there are methods to make saving money in excessive-yield savings account more amusing so that you can sincerely get enthusiastic about it instead of viewing it as a sacrifice.

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Here are 3 techniques I have in my view used to make saving extra enjoyable that have drastically boosted my financial savings charge through the years.

I have made financial savings into a competition

The greater I’m able to lessen my spending, the more money I will put into savings.

As an end result, one of the simplest and most fun approaches I have discovered to save extra cash is to make it into a contest with my partner.

We’ve tried many distinct mild-hearted challenges inclusive of:

  • Who could make the most inexpensive but scrumptious meal so that you can cut our grocery bills
  • Who can pass the maximum days in a row without shopping for anything new
  • Who can discover the most important discounts on utilities or different offerings
  • Who can rack up the maximum “no-spend” days in a month (those are days on which we do no not purchase anything)

Each of these exceptional challenges has helped us to dramatically drop spending, permitting us to accumulate hefty savings. We do this in addition to our regular automated financial savings, so it’s all simply more.

If you are not married, you could do these challenges with a partner, a chum, or everybody else who is additionally interested in saving more money without it feeling like a sacrifice.

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I play financial savings games

Similarly to the challenges with my partner, I have also attempted some distinctive games that help me save greater. This includes:

  • A fifty-two-week savings challenge. With this undertaking, I positioned $1 into savings my first week, $2 into financial savings through the second one week, $3 into financial savings 3rd week, and so forth; up to week 52.
  • A “keep Your Fives” game. When playing this game, I switched to paying for lots of ordinary purchases with cash, and for each $5 bill I were given, I saved.

By making saving cash into sports, it becomes a fun mission in preference to something forced to do.

Dedicated savings account

Subsequently, the remaining step I have taken to make saving extra cash fun is focusing on the goals I am saving for, instead of the cutting-edge sacrifices I am making. I’ve made this smooth with the aid of creating separate financial savings accounts for each purpose I have and naming the accounts with the purpose in mind.

For example, while I was saving money to buy a car, I had the money in a “new car” fund. Whilst I used to be tempted to spend instead of transferring money into the account, I might browse around on supplier websites to get excited about my purchase.

Every of these 3 steps has helped me to save money without feeling like it’s a burden. In case you need to make savings greater fun, you may attempt them too.



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