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3 Steps To Success With A Side Hustle In Affiliate Marketing

3 Steps To Success With A Side Hustle In Affiliate Marketing

For most of 2020, people were forced in. One of our only outlets for social connectivity was the Internet.

The constant growth and interest in online side hustles prove that people want financial freedom, freedom of time, and freedom of place. Proof of this is that this year, 24 percent of Americans from a survey wanted to start their business. They say it’s a way to earn a passive income or diversify your income potential.

One part of fast-growing online business is affiliate marketing. “As long as you have a computer and an Internet connection, affiliate marketing requires no money or experience to get started,” said Meghan Damico, vice president of sales, Digistore24, USA. Digistore24 is an automated platform for resellers and affiliate marketing, where suppliers can automate sales, sell products and connect with an extensive and reliable affiliate network.

“With affiliate marketing, it’s as simple as getting an established brand or product and promoting it to your audience”.

With the rise of influencers and social media platforms, affiliate marketing is fast becoming one of the world’s largest sources of revenue.

To be successful in affiliate marketing, Damico recommends three quick steps: choose the right social media platform, choose an industry and promote the products.

Step 1: Choose the right social media platform

Set up a social media platform that best suits your audience and content. Facebook has one of the largest latitudes and depths in the age groups, but if you are promoting products that look more attractive in the photos, you can opt for Instagram. If the products you promote are perfect for Gen-Z’ers, then TikTok may be your best approach.

Step 2: Choose an authentic industry for your personal brand

Damico advises that when deciding what products you want to promote, consider your interests. Affiliate marketing should be natural and really fit into the social networking content you are already creating.

“You really want to be for your followers, and that means you have to stay honest with yourself in your content on social media,” Damico said. “Your followers will be more connected to you if you promote products that add value to their lives.”

Step 3: Promote your products and make money

“Marginal” products or those that are not on the beaten path are ideal for a start. These products are usually from small markets. With the companies Damico works for, she told him that she wanted to work with colleagues who really love their products and have a real relationship, even if they are small.

Affiliate marketing commissions can range from 5 to 100 percent, while influencers usually receive a specific amount for each post and the content must follow the guidelines. According to Damic, affiliate marketers have more flexibility in their content and more creative freedom.

And Damico says the possibilities are endless. “When you’re ready to upgrade, you can start receiving emails and using email marketing to get even more out of affiliate marketing.”

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