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20 Hobbies that Make Money

20 Hobbies that Make Money

“Happy is a man who makes a living on his pleasure”. The famous playwright George Bernard Shaw has made many good points in his life, but this particular quote is probably one of his most important. Hobbies are great. It provides us with a way to relax, relieves stress, and enjoy ourselves. But how good it is to get income from the crafts you sell. Is it so great to make money on what can be considered a fun time? Fortunately, many people have found a way to make money through a variety of hobbies.

How to start making money as a hobby

What is your favorite hobby? Do you think that you can make money by doing so? You may be surprised at how many entertainment options make money and how many are available for your favorite hobbies. Do you like sewing, photography or music? Each of the hobbies can be a side hustle as a complete gig by following these steps:

Choose a hobby that you enjoy. If you don’t like it, your entertainment is just a form of work. If you have a home improvement store, look for the most profitable projects you can make and sell.

Find a community need. There’s a lot of fun available when making money in different ways, so take a look around and make sure there’s a market demand for your side hustles. Find out where you can sell handmade items locally or online.

Practice your techniques. If you want it to be a side gig, you have to combine skills with your hobby. Everyone can bake cookies, but not everyone can sweet the sweet food that customers demand.

Start the side hustle. Don’t stop your job yet. Most small businesses need time to be profitable, and you need to support your lifestyle and your new business until the time comes. Start making money as a hobby, attract clients and work to make a profit.

Expanding your small business. Once you start making money as a hobby, you may want to consider expanding your side gig to a small full-time business. This is also a good time to learn how to sell crafts online.

Try out fun ways that now makes money

There are all kinds of hobbies that can make money, and many hobbies can be used to make money in different ways. For example, someone who loves writing can work as a freelance journalist or blogger, or they could try to create their own literature. Likewise, a pet lover can start walking the dogs, sitting with a pet, or cooking their own dog food. If you don’t have a hobby yet, you can try some of the following hobbies to make money and find out where your passion lies.

Try the hobbies that now makes money

There are all kinds of hobbies that can make money, and many hobbies can be used to make money in different ways. For example, someone who loves writing can work as a freelance journalist or blogger, or they could try to create their own literature. Likewise, a pet lover can start walking the dogs, sitting with a pet, or cooking their own dog food. If you don’t have a hobby yet, you can try some of the following hobbies to make money and find out where your passion lies.

20 hobbies that make you money

Are you looking for a valuable hobby or a way to create a hobby that you already love for more money? You can get some ideas by looking at the following 20 fun ways to make money:


Do you like everything about jewelry? You can make money by selling jewelry, precious stones that you buy, or jewelry that you make yourself. Maybe you already have a collection of jewelry that you can sell, or you are interested in great purchases of attractive trinkets. There are ways to make jewelry and quickly make it online and sell it in markets like Etsy or Facebook Marketplace, for example locally.


Jewelry is not the only craft that is a full-time business. Whatever you want to do with your hands, from crocheted scarves to wood-burning stitches and even finger needles, there are things you can sew and sell. There may be a market for the products you manufacture. And keep in mind that if you have no new idea, there are many resources. From Christmas ideas to sales to other holidays, birthdays, and other occasions, always look for new ways to express your craft. If you are not yet a skilled craftsman, you can get product ideas from online brands such as Etsy and Artfire. Once you start making crafts for sale, you can create your own online store, use Amazon Handmade, or sell your merchandise at local events.


There are several ways to make money as a hobby if you love writing. Many professional writers start writing freelance as they build their portfolios and gain clients. Find blogs that pay writers, or look for freelance writing opportunities on online freelance job boards such as Contena or Upwork. Experienced writers with excellent grammar can also look for concert editing work for publications or other freelance writers.

Dog Walking

Are you an animal lover who gets along well with foreign pets? You can turn your passion into a small business by becoming a dog walker. People love their dogs, but walking with dogs is an activity that entertains few and many do not have time. You can schedule more clients for the whole day and week at specific times, and before you know it, your love of animals can grow into a successful small business.

Graphic design

Do you like to draw or do you have a feeling for design? You can earn extra money with your artistic hobbies by finding a job as a graphic designer. You can start a side hustle by designing logos or other graphics for other small business owners and building a portfolio in the process. With graphic design, you can also make money by selling copies of your designs using services like Spreadshirt or Merch on Amazon, which allow you to sell your designs to anyone, from T-shirts and bags to mugs and phone cases.

Social media

Have you ever seen yourself spend hours each week on social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram? What if you could turn your social entertainment into good money? You can turn your social media skills into a side gig and earn more revenue by managing social media accounts for other small businesses, brands, and celebrities. You can expand your social media manager’s experience by showing influencers how you can improve your engagement with their Instagram account and other social media platforms. Who knows, maybe you become an influencer on social media.


Blogging is a big part of busy people whose hobby is writing. Everyone can create their own blog and write about their personal knowledge and experience. You can promote your blog through social media channels, and if you have created a follower, you can make money by blogging by selling ads on your own website. You can monetize your blog with this advertising revenue and also by partnering with partners to influence sales and discounts offered to their customers.

Pet sitting

Animal lovers don’t have to limit their hobbies to making money by walking dogs. Why not make more money by taking care of other furry family members when they can’t go? You can throw the love of pets behind by sitting for dogs and cats in an orphanage or shelter, where you take care of pets for days or weeks while their owners left home. If you have built a good reputation as a responsible animal lover, you can expand your small business into a full-fledged business.

Make videos

Do you enjoy creating creative videos? You can turn your videography hobby into a small business by creating videos and posting content on YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, or any other popular platform. People will follow your channel to find creative and impressive content, and you can make money in ways like blogging, advertising your own channel, and affiliate marketing.

Play video games

If paying playing video games is your job, you are not alone. Believe it or not, you can make money by playing video games. Other talented players have made thousands in recent years by streaming their games online on platforms like Twitch, but you can also make money playing games through tips to your YouTube channel, which you can access via ads. Some players find a full-time job when trying out video games for developers.

Website design

If you love designing websites in your spare time, you can make money from your hobby by creating websites, designing websites for others, or creating your own websites. There is always a demand for web designers and this demand only promises to grow as the online market expands. Start by designing your own website. Not only will it serve as a starting point for your portfolio, but you can use it to make money online as a source of passive income and some extra money. With successful web design, you can start creating websites for other small businesses and organizations.

Share your thoughts

Do you seem to spend extra time sharing opinions online? If you want to publish your ideas, you can make money by sharing opinions through online surveys. One of the most popular ways to make more money online, surveys don’t pay more than a few dollars and most people can’t just live on income, but payments can increase over the years and serve as a productive and reliable component. There are various resources available that offer online surveys for a fee, as companies rely on this important market insight to make important decisions.

Flipping goods

Do you have a good eye for a bargain? Is your idea of ​​a fun gig visiting garden stores and looking for garage sales? How would you like to make a few hundred dollars from what you would call a typical weekend trip to local chisels or flea markets? By buying and selling used goods, you can turn your passion for shopping into a thriving business idea. Just find the best deal and bargain

Fitness Practice

Did you know that exercise is not only good for your health but can also be one of the most rewarding pastimes when pursuing a career or side event? Do you like cycling? Why not deliver when you’re there? Do you exercise regularly in the gym? Look for starting a small business as a personal trainer. Is dancing more your style? Why not make more money as a street performer or theater? Or, if you are a very skilled dancer, why not teach a class and make money so you can share your love with others?


Can people tell you you’re a barber in the store? Would you like to visit local shops, no matter what you buy? Do you want to make money shopping instead of spending? Believe it or not, shopping is a hobby that can be a marketer. Many people need help with shopping and you can make money by doing exactly what you want when you play this role. Other ways to make money by shopping include a mystery shopper and a personal shopper working as a personal assistant for another small business owner.


Gardening is great fun to relax in and it’s also rewarding fun. You can make money by growing your own crops and producing and selling your goods at the local farmers’ market. You can also use your gardening skills to help others improve their own qualities and start a small business as a gardener and landscape observer, where you will be paid to care for the lawns and gardens of others.


You can turn your passion for photography into your own business. There are a number of ways to make money by taking photos, including taking photos and other photos for customers, selling posters and reselling for print, or even making money online by blogging on the photos you monetize with ads. Many photography enthusiasts make their passion for site design by starting small with a few jobs, but expanding your business into a successful small business can make a lot of money.

Makeup art

Do you like makeup? Do you enjoy watching all the latest beauty guides on YouTube and trying them out for yourself? You can turn your hobby into a busy site by working as a makeup artist. You can also set up your own YouTube channel with many tutorial videos, and before you know it, you can be a successful beauty influencer.

Reading a book

Did you know that you can make money by reading a good book as a hobby? Organizations like Online Book Club ad Kirkus Media are always looking for people to read and write about books. Even if you don’t get a full salary for book reviews, it’s an easy way to make extra money by doing what you want.


It’s no secret that as a musician you can make money, but most people don’t realize that you don’t have to be a superstar to make money on your music hobby. You can make money as an artist playing music in a band or as a solo artist in a local area. You can also make money by learning music, sharing your passion and skills with students through personal lessons, or taking an online course. You can also share your music with the world on your YouTube channel, TikTok profile, or any other social media platform that you can monetize based on the size of your followers. or work. Experienced writers with excellent grammar can also look for concert editing work for publications or other freelance writers.



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