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10 things you should know from the chaotic world of cryptocurrencies

6. Bitcoin as a hedge of inflation? Not too fast

On the other hand, coins, Lisa Pauline Mattackal and Medha Singh of Reuters are not convinced that cryptocurrency is a good hedge of inflation. The pair began by stating that due to large institutional stakes in bitcoin, the currency had become sensitive to interest rates. “Bitcoin has also always been seen as a hedge against inflation, especially because of its limited supply comparable to gold, which is a stronger store of value in an inflationary environment,” they added. with the wider markets with the largest annual rise in US inflation in almost four decades.

7. Is blockchain an innovation – or just hype?

As lobbyists plan to help major cryptocurrency owners turn their digital assets into real money, the Wall Street Journal has not done so. “They’re looking for a way to turn their crypto-straw into gold,” wrote Steven Hanke and Matt Sekerke. “Legislators and regulators should ignore the hype,” she added, calling the blockchain an “innovation.” “The crypto-ecosystem only reflects, electronically and anonymously, the latest features of the regulated financial system,” Hanke and Sekerke continued. “Alleged profits are rapidly lost on many crypto vulnerabilities.

8. Karma bites Trump

Everywhere. To show what it is, Eric Trump recently discovered that someone had created a cryptocurrency called TrumpCoin. The money, which first appeared in 2016 and has nothing to do with the evil former US president, has created legal threats from the younger Trump. He should know for sure if he sees.

9. You are looking for a solid crypto-investment

However, buying a cryptocurrency is not risky, but do you still want to enter the market? Farnoosh Torabi of CNN has several suggestions. To get started, work for a crypto company. You may also want to consider investing in stablecoins, which Torabi’s colleague Julian Dossett described as a “cryptocurrency with a reversal”: “Instead of” mining “an open, distributed network of computers that create a combination of math and record-keeping, stablecoins borrowed. Its price is from the value of another asset, In short, stablecoin is focused on another underlying asset.

10. Game developers don’t want to play

Because of this, video game developers are not ready to jump on the cryptocurrency train. Just ask at the Game Developers Conference, which recently published its 2022 State of the Game Industry survey. When asked about their interest in cryptocurrency as a means of payment, 72 per cent of respondents said they were not interested. Meanwhile, 70 per cent said they were not interested in the NFT. “How could you not know that the pyramid scheme is not mine,” was an anonymous comment he pointed out to Kotaka. “This is the wave of the future,” said a slightly louder respondent. We’ll see how things turn out.



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